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About Davenport Shooting Association

The Davenport Shooting Association is a very unique organization compared to other gun clubs around the United States. We are strictly a Schuetzen style club (so offhand and bench style of shooting). This is further confined to shooting only single shot cast bullet center fire with bullet velocity below 1500 fps and 22 rimfire. We do not allow modern semi auto center fire rifles and pistols and jacketed Ammo as other gun clubs. Also we have no shotgun facilities. Our main monthly events consist of 200 yard offhand 22 rimfire in the summer months and 50 ft offhand rimfire in the winter. Our indoor range is strictly 22 rimfire.

Club History

The Davenport Sheutzenverein (Davenport Shooting Association) is a Single shot rifle club in the German tradition.  Unlike some Scheuttzenverein’s we allow bolt action rifles, as long as they are loaded one shot at a time.  We also shoot 22 rimfire rifle exclusively, at 50 feet in the 6 month indoor season and 200 yards in the 6 month outdoor season.  An old saying is “we test men, not rifles” so most all our competition is from the standing position: we do occasionally compete at shooting from the bench.

The Davenport Shooting Association Traces it roots to 1854, when a number of immigrants following the traditions of their homeland formed a club for rifle practice.  This club was disbanded when much of the membership left to fight the Civil War.  With the uprising of the Sioux tribes near New Ulm, MN, the need for a home guard was apparent.  The Davenport Shooting Association was formed on August 11, 1862 for the promotion of rifle practice.  August 11, 1862 is the date that we count as our founding. The DSA has met once each month April through October ever since and has never been postponed or cancelled for any reason, not weather, nor war, nor rationing have ever postponed a match.  Indoor shooting in the winter as a club activity began in the 1920’s.

The events in a monthly shoot have changed little since the 1870’s.  There is a 5-shot match, a 3 shot match, a three shot man target (silhouette) match and a 1 shot match.  Each competitor can shoot each of these contests four times, with the best of the four counting as score.  In addition there is a member-only Honor target which consists of a single three shot string. There is mention in the bylaws of the 1870’s of the honor target and the prize for the best honor score for the season, the Senior Medal.

The annual 50 shot match and king shoot is held annually in April indoors.  The King shoot consists of a one shot, closest to the center wins.  The King shoot has been contested every year since 1863.

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